‘Forever wandering this world collecting the absently discarded forms created by Mother Nature, Issi Bulloch is a Caster, a Silversmith and a Fine Art Painter.’


In a world of feathers, rocks, shells and bones, the organic becomes metallic. Silver lizards, acorn cups and dancing sycamores, this is Issi’s world of travellers trinkets, made timeless by casting them into silver.

Memories of a time, place never forgotten, we begin the journey in which she treads, through her art pieces, from paintings to the silver ornaments of jewellery.

Issi wanders this world forever picking up the absently discarded forms created by Mother Nature, from the macabre of skulls, bones, skins and insects to the natural magical forms of nuts, seeds, feathers and shells. She is a collector of life and death.

Having graduated with an Upper Second degree in BA HONOURS in Fine Art Painting from The University College of Creative Arts, the next step for an artist whose world revolves around unconventional means was to escape the modern world of consumerism into an organic caravan lifestyle of an English bumpkin.

A traveller at heart having been born and bred in Kenya, and sent to boarding school abroad in the cold wintery land of England. Adventure and exploration are imbedded in Issi’s soul. Never without her faithful travelling companions sketchbook, watercolours and deep, unending pockets; Be that her own or fellow traveller to fill with all the ‘bon trouves’ she acquires in her wake.

The start; beginning with a caravan, to a truck, to an unending adventure. A Caster, a Silversmith and a Fine art Painter, this is Issi Bulloch.