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Twig Ring Course


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A new Course which focuses on making a Ring out of a Twig.

Bring your own Twigs, Found and foraged. From Trees, you love and come and learn an age-old technique of Casting by using Sand. We will bend, twist and shape your Twigs to the size of your finger or ring size you require and then release your inner child as we push and mould your twig rings into the sand. A tactile and playful experience.

Once you’ve made your moulds then I will pour Recycled molten Silver inside and then excitedly wait to reveal your cast twig ring in silver. Once it’s cast we will take off the excess parts of silver (wasting nothing of course) and polish it up.

You will walk away with a wearable piece by the end of it!

Note: Cost of the course doesn’t include the use of Silver. This will be weighed at the end as everyone will bring different size twigs to cast!