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Sand Casting Workshop


  • 19th March (2pm-5pm)
  • 16th April (2pm-5pm)

Nature’s little treasures, shells, acorns, stones, and seeds. Bring them along to cast by imprinting them within Sand & walk away with your own piece of Recycled Silver Jewellery made by you.

Once you’ve made your molds then I will pour recycled molten silver inside and then excitedly wait to reveal your casting in silver. Once it’s cast we will take off the excess parts of silver (wasting nothing of course) and polish it up.

You will walk away with a wearable piece by the end of it!

There are only 8 PLACES so get in there quick!

Note: Cost of the course doesn’t include the use of Silver. This will be weighed at the end as everyone will bring different size items to cast!

Please let me know which dates work for you once you’ve booked.