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Custom Work

Custom Castings

My work is the Natural World. Unchanged cast pieces of Mother Nature made into unique pieces of Jewellery.

In my Custom Castings i invite you to hunt your gardens, unearth those hidden treasures from deep in your pockets or send me a leaf from your favourite tree and i will cast it and make it into a piece of Jewellery which holds meaning only to you. Highly Personal and symbolic Jewellery with meaning.


The most enjoyable part of being a Silversmith are the Commissions. I love working with different clients to create pieces of Jewellery created by me but loved by you. My work ranges from Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Sentimental pieces to personalised Headdresses, pendants and Brooches. I like to imagine my work is not just Jewellery its a little piece of Art.

If you have a commission you would like me to make please get in touch, i would love to see what creations we could make.


Within my work I have collaborated with my partner George Maule whom created the frames for my Jewellery Art pieces as well as this highly stylised cabinet in which i cast an oak leaf to create the handle. I look forward to collaborating more with other fellow artists and Jewellers