About me


Born an Artist, as her adolescent years were spent in Foreign speaking lands of France and Kenya, Issi developed a form of communication through her art which stemmed the path towards her creativity.

Currently Living in the West Country of UK, She is a creator of unique Hand-made, Bespoke Jewellery pieces. Casting Organic forms using the lost-wax technique of casting in Recycled metals, mainly silver.

Each piece begins in its natural raw state and is developed as a Watercolour Painting before it becomes Recycled into an original piece of jewellery!

Issi’s skills as a Silversmith and Caster have developed through the method of self-teaching and short courses but She is a qualified Fine Artist with a BTEC Foundation Degree from Wimbledon Art Collage and a BA (HONS) Degree in Fine Art from UCCA.